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Case Study | WordPress + ChatGPT

A website design + build for a genAI health and wellness blog

I designed and developed the WordPress website as well as integrated an automated content generation system.

$$$$$  |   2 Weeks   |

FrostFire Wellness is a lifestyle blog that focuses on the benefits of Cold Exposure Therapy.  They are focused on creating useful content that promotes the benefits of using cold exposure; such as, cold plunge tanks, ice baths or cold showers.  They are a unique new company that uses Generative AI to create their content and other forms of no-code automation to manage their website and marketing.

Project Details


FrostFire wanted a clean and modern brand with a mobile-first user experience for their blog.  They produce a lot of text so the main challenge was structure the site to receive the posts, programmatically and layout the blog articles in a consumable format for users.  



We decided on WordPress as their solution and used a theme with moderate customization to achieve their desired branding goals.  I also designed a pipeline to manage their automated content publishing using



The result was a clean, modern, fully responsive and high-performing website that can take the automated content feed and structure post and page updates.  The website is fully customizable and easily managed, exceeding all of the clients expectations.


"This is a new project and we started from scratch. Christy experience has been a tremendous help along the way. Not only for design and web building but for strategy and planning, as well as some pretty complicated integration work, she has been a superstar for our team. Five Stars!

RachelFrostFire Wellness


Hey there, I’m Christy.  I design and develop websites using WordPress, Wix or Shopify.  I’ve been helping companies elevate their brands online for over 10 years.  With over 100 websites developed, I’ve nailed down a process to provide high quality results, quickly and consistently.  Let’s team up and take your brand to new heights!

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