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Case Study | WordPress | Shopify

Multiple website design + build for a premium hospitality group

I designed and developed the websites for Academy Hospitality’s seven concepts using WordPress and Shopify.

$$$$$  |   6 Weeks   |

Academy Hospitality Group currently has 7 unique and premium brand concepts within their organization that focus on Restaurant and Grocery.  As the premiere hospitality group in Manitoba, they see thousands of customers each day.  They focus on providing a world class dining experience and have a way of making every customer feel like family.

Project Details


AHG wanted their online brand and ordering experience to be consistent with the premium experience customers had in-house.  The timing of the online ordering project immediately preceded the lockdowns of Covid-19 – where all restaurants were forced to close in-house dining.  This created an extreme sense of urgency and added the additional challenge of a substantially reduced timeline to launch. 



Using a combination of WordPress and Shopify, I was able to rebuild their 7 brand concept websites, as well as an 8th site for AHG’s overarching brand in approximately 6 weeks.  The new websites were designed mobile-first and clearly communicate the exceptional brand and messaging of each unique property to their customers.



A modern, premium brand experience online with a focus on mobile optimization for the 7 unique brand properties, including complex online ordering capabilities that generated over 20,000 order of during Covid.


"Christy has developed 8 websites for our Hospitality Group. She has proven herself to be exceptional in many ways, from the quality and speed of her work, to dropping everything to get online ordering live which helped us keep our team employed and continuing to serve our guests during the Covid lockdowns. We definitely recommend her!"

SuzyAcademy Hospitality Group


Hey there, I’m Christy.  I design and develop websites using WordPress, Wix or Shopify.  I’ve been helping companies elevate their brands online for over 10 years.  With over 100 websites developed, I’ve nailed down a process to provide high quality results, quickly and consistently.  Let’s team up and take your brand to new heights!